Training & Education: Brussels

HeMiBio workshop for young scientists (Follow-Up of Second Winterschool)


4. - 6. June 2013 in Brussels, Belgiumatomium brussels
Organised by Prof. Mathieu Vinken and Prof. Vera Rogiers
Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Department of Toxicology, Belgium


Practical concepts of in vitro and in silico toxicology

While the first phase of the HeMiBio project was focused on the actual establishment of a liver bioreactor, the second stage is targeted towards exploiting this device for in vitro toxicity testing purposes. The latter, for which a series of standard operating procedures has been published on the HeMiBio extranet, is a new area for several HeMiBio partners. Following the winterschool, which was focused on teaching theoretical concepts of toxicology and risk assessment, this HeMiBio workshop therefore intends to equip participants with practical skills of in vitro and in silico toxicology. On the first day of the workshop, the standard operating procedures as well as the theoretical background of the different in vitro methods involved will be presented, followed by their practical demonstration. Given the scope of the HeMiBio project, focus will be put on methods to evaluate the functionality (i.e. cytochrome P450 activity, drug transporter activity, albumin secretion and urea synthesis) and the toxicological response (i.e. caspase 3 activity, lactate dehydrogenase release, MTT assay, in situ staining of cell death markers, Sudan Red III staining, LipidTOX assay and reactive oxygen species measurement) of cultured primary hepatocytes. During the second day, the participants will be given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the aforementioned techniques and to discuss strategies for their application to other cell types (e.g. hepatocyte-like cells differentiated from stem cells) and experimental settings (e.g. 96-well plate formats).  At the start of the third day, a number of lectures will be given dealing with quantitative in vitro-in vivo extrapolations and dose metrics in in vitro assays. The workshop will be closed with a computer practical on physiologically-based biokinetic modelling. 



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Training events are jointly funded by the European Commission and Cosmetics Europe through the HeMiBio project, contract number HEALTH-F5-2010-266777