20. August 2015

  • Registration Now Open
    HeMiBio International Symposium
    Biology meets technology for liver toxicity testing
    2. - 3. December 2015 in Leuven, Belgium

15. June 2015

  • SEURAT-1 press release
    further to the recent “Stop vivisection” petition submitted to the EC
    Press release

27. May 2015

  • SEURAT-1 Symposium
    Painting the future animal-free safety assessment of chemical substances: Achievements of SEURAT-1
    4. December 2015 in Brussels, Belgium
    More information


26. August 2014

  • Fourth Volume of the SEURAT-1 Annual Book is available for download
    A download version of the book is now available online. Print versions can be ordered on the SEUART-1 website.


06. February 2014

  • Article on HeMiBio & SEURAT-1 in Chemistry World
    Chemistry World is the print and online magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences.

05. September 2013

  • Third Volume of the SEURAT-1 Annual Book is available for download 
    The third Annual Book was presented at the 1st SEURAT-1 Stakeholder Event in Brussels.  A download version of the book is now available online. Print versions can be ordered on the SEUART-1 website.


28. August 2013

  • The first HeMiBio newsletter is available for download HERE


15. May 2013

  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is happy to announce a new study abroad program in Bioengineering and Systems Biology. 
    The program is intended for 3rd or 4th year students of relevant departments who wish to come to Israel for a semester or a full academic year. 
    HUJI is offering advanced multidisciplinary courses in tissue engineering, systems biology, and biophysics taught by internationally recognised scientists. Students can also chose to carry out senior research project with the core faculty and present their work.
    This is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to be exposed to another scientific and culture experience
    Announcement letter
    Hebrew University International Program flyer - Bioengineering and Systems Biology


11. March 2013

  • EU Marketing ban on animal testing for cosmetics
    In respect with the deadline set by the Council and the Parliament in 2003, the European Commission adopted the marketing ban on animal testing for cosmetics, entering into force on 11 March, 2013. The ban prohibits the import as well as the sale of cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals in the European Union. HeMiBio is oe of the projects of the SEURAT-1 research initiative which plays an important role in continuing to find the alternative methods replacing animal testing.
    See the Commission Communication and its Press Release for more information


6. - 7. February 2013

  • 2nd SEURAT-1 Annual Cluster Meeting
    Lisbon, Portugal


14. July2012

  • The Second Volume of the SEURAT-1 Annual Book was presented at ESOF on 14 July 2012 and is available for download HERE


8. February 2012

  • Cosmetics Europe pledges a further €8million for its research programme into finding alternatives to animal testing at the annual SEURAT-1 meeting in Lisbon, PortugalTo download the Press Release clikc HERE


8. - 9. February 2012

  • 1st SEURAT-1 Annual Cluster Meeting
    Lisbon, Portugal


15. November 2011

  • HemoGenix publishes new White Paper entitled: "Stem Cells and Predictive In Vitro Toxicity Testing".
    To download the White Paper click HERE


14. November 2011

  • AXLR8 2011 Progress Report Now AvailableAchievements of EU FP6/7-funded health research, contributions by EU Member State and international teams, and recommendations from the independent AXLR8 Scientific Panel for the forghcoming 'Horison 2020' funding programme are detailed in this new report.
    More information on the AXLR8 website.


18. October 2011

  • European Court bans stem cell patentsThe European Court of Justice has today announced a landmark decision banning patenting of inventions based on embryonic stem cells. European scientists. European scientists are concerned that the verdict, which is legally binding for all EU states, will drive development of stem cell therapies outside Europe.
    More Information on the EuroStemCell website


April 2011


MARCH 2011

  • 1 March 2011 : Official launch of the European research initiative SEURAT (Safety Evaluation Ultimately Replacing Animal Testing) in Cascais, Portugal
    View Colipa's Press Statement HERE



  • 25 - 26 January 2011 : HeMiBio Kick-Off Meeting in Leuven, Belgium
    View Press Release HERE